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Montane Virtual Spine Race

Organised by Montane Spine Race
1st Jan 2022 - 31st Jan 2022

    The Virtual Spine Race

    Widely regarded as one of the world’s toughest endurance races, the Montane Spine Race is a truly epic challenge that tests a competitor’s physical resilience and mental fortitude. Racing non-stop along the Pennine Way, runners experience the full intensity and ferocity of the British Winter.

    In January 2022, as well as the traditional race, we will be offering the chance to take part in a virtual Spine challenge. Your virtual challenge can take place anywhere in the world and you have from January 1st to the 31st to get to the finish.

    • THE SPINE RACE along the entire 268-mile Pennine Way from Edale in Derbyshire to Kirk Yetholm in the remote Scottish borders
    • THE CHALLENGER NORTH, is a 160 mile challenge from Hardraw, (near to the famous falls featured in the film, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) to Kirk Yetholm
    • THE CHALLENGER SOUTH covering the first 108 miles from Edale to the scenic North Yorkshire village of Hawes
    • THE SPRINT, 43 miles, from Edale to the small market town of Hebden Bridge in the picturesque Calder Valley
    • THE DASH, exclusive to the virtual Montane Spine event, the ‘Dash’ offers the opportunity for those seeking a shorter challenge, 26.8 miles, from Edale to the wild moorlands of Standedge in West Yorkshire

    Race The Racers

    New for 2022, there are two separate virtual challenges giving you the opportunity to ‘RACE THE RACERS’ in the in the full 268 mile Montane Spine Race and the 108 mile Challenger South Race.

    Although you will be able to undertake this challenge from anywhere in the world, like athletes in the Challenger South, your challenge will start at 07.30 on Saturday January 8th and you need to finish by 19.30 on Monday 10th January. 60 hours maximum. For the full Spine Race, your challenge will start at 08.00 on Sunday January 9th finishing by 08.00 on Sunday January 16th. 168 hours (7 days) maximum.

    For the ‘Race the Racers’ virtual challenge you will need to provide evidence of the distance you have covered and the time taken through Strava or Garmin Connect account.

    There will be no trophies, just a great sense of satisfaction, the virtual challenge medal, buff and admiration of all who cheered you along the full route!

    Those participating in the ‘Race the Racers’ have the opportunity to compare their progress to that of record holders, Jasmin Paris on the full Spine (83 hours, 12 minutes and 23 seconds) and Jim Mann on the Challenger (22 hours, 53 minutes and 28 seconds). As your dot moves up the Pennine Way so will theirs, but probably a bit quicker!

    There will also be icons representing the pace of athletes who successfully completed their challenge with minutes to spare. Fall behind them and your bid to beat the cut/offs (168 hours on the Full Spine and 60 hours on the Challenger) could be in peril!

    With five distances and two ‘Race the Racers’, the virtual challenges offer the opportunity to get active or keep fit and tackle arguably the most iconic trail in the UK. In addition, a live weather overlay gives you a sense of what conditions are actually like on the trail.

    And if that is not enough to tempt you, for all participants who successfully complete their virtual Montane Spine challenge there will be buffs and medals unique to the virtual events.

    Choose your challenge carefully. Once you have entered there will not be the option to move to another distance.


    The 2022 Virtual Spine Race will be supporting the Pennine Way National Trail Partnership. We are looking to raise £5,000 for restoration of parts of the Pennine Way path on Cross Fell undermined by peat erosion.

    Cross Fell is the highest point on the Pennine Way and when the weather is nice there are stunning views. Unfortunately, there aren’t many nice days.

    Cross Fell is well known for gale force winds, dense fog, large boulders, dangerous scree slopes and exposed peat testing the navigation skills of the best.

    The presence of a well defined and firm path is of paramount importance not just for the safety of runners and walkers but also the environmental protection of the area.


    NB The map and logging tools will be installed in advance of the start of the race during December

    Every time you go for a run, jog, walk or even take the dog for some exercise between 00.00 on January 1st and midnight on January 31st you can log your miles manually or we can collect your miles automatically if you connect a Strava or Garmin Connect account.

    We'll show your position on a virtual map along with your fellow competitors and you can track your progress along the legendry Pennine Way, through the official checkpoints.

    Automatic Logging

    Beneath the map on the event page you will find a green 'Connect Service' button - click that, choose with Garmin or Strava, and you'll be taken to the respective service to approve the connection

    Note that:
    • Activities in Strava/Garmin must be public (we only request read-only access to public activities)
    • They must be logged as a walk, run, hike, virtual run or similar

    Manual Logging

    It's simple to log manually if you prefer or have no Garmin/Strava:
    • You need to be logged in to your UltraBritain account
    • Click the blue 'View and Register Activities' button above the map
    • You'll see everything we have recorded for you to date and you'll have the option of adding new activities
    • Adding an activity is simply a matter of tapping the date on a calendar (nb only dates since the start of the event up until 'today' are shown) and entering the distance in either miles or kilometres

    IMPORTANT : For ‘Race the Racers’ event you MUST use a Strava or Garmin account.


    By their nature, outdoor activities involve an element of risk and your entry is based on your acceptance of those implicit risks.

    All participants must take sensible precautions to minimise any danger to themselves or others and agree to assume all risks that may be associated with or may result from their participation in the virtual Spine challenges.

    By entering you are declaring yourself to be fit and able to participate in your chosen challenge.

    Entries from children under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults are accepted but they should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times during the challenge. The parent or responsible adult must ensure this support will be in place and that all the risks have been explained and understood.

    Agreement with all the statements contained in this document is acknowledged by you as part of your entry and registration and you accept all decisions made by the organisers without complaint or recompense.

    • Montane Race The Racers
      8th Jan 2022 - 16th Jan 2022
    • Montane Virtual Spine Race
      1st Jan 2022 - 31st Jan 2022
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