Event Ticketing and Registration
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Help with Strava-based events

Some of our events are based upon your activities (running, walking, hiking etc) recorded on Strava and this information should help if you have questions about how this is set up and what to do if your data is not showing as expected.

What is Strava?
Strava is the pre-eminent, global, activity tracking service used by millions of athletes worldwide.
Unless otherwise notified, our Strava-connected events only require you to have a free Strava account (premium membership is also available) which you can quickly set up

Strava connects to your phone, tablet, and a huge range of sports watches and activity trackers to record your data. If you have any issues logging activities to Strava or connecting your device, please refer to Strava's support pages.

What permissions do we request?
Unless otherwise indicated, we only need and request read-only access to your Strava account (we will not post anything on your behalf) and we don't ask for access to private data.

This does mean that any activities that you want an event to be able to view must not be set to private otherwise we cannot see them.

What happens after the event?
We may collect Strava records for up to 7 days after the event - this allows for anyone who is late in uploading their information to Strava to still feature in the event.
After this period our policy is to terminate the connection unless you are entered into a future event that also uses Strava.

Note that due to changes in the way Strava handles access tokens, we are unable to automatically disconnect customers of historic events. 

How Do I Connect UltraBritain to Strava
Firstly, ensure you have successfully created your account on Strava,
Then, log in to UltraBritain, go to the event page and you will see an orange 'Connect with Strava' button to the right of the page, usually just below the map.  Click to connect.

You can view the status of such connections in My Account -> Personal Details and the social sharing tab. 
This example shows the connection status and the current events that are using it.

Simply click the blue (it will be grey if you have yet to connect) slider and the system will take you back to Strava to approve the connection.
That's all you need do to connect!

How do I know if my account is connected to Strava?
If you log in to your Strava account and navigate to 'My Apps' you will see a page like this with 'UltraBritain' or alternatively the logo of a partner Race Organiser in your list of connected apps.

If you visit the event page of a race that requires a Strava connection while you are logged in to UltraBritain, the page will also tell you if you have a live connection to Strava.

My results aren't appearing as expected
Most Strava-connected events on UltraBritain produce a leaderboard or some kind of intermediate results table.

Strava imposes limits on the number of connections to the service that are permitted in a given time and for that reason please allow plenty of time (up to 3hrs) for your latest activity to appear.

If you do not appear in such a table please check:
1) You have a live connection to Strava - if you do not appear at all, this is the most likely cause.
2) If you do appear in the table but on a zero score or similar, check that all your activities are not set to private.
3) Check you're correctly recording the activity type on Strava (eg you've not accidentally recorded a run as a bike ride)
4) Note some events may not accept treadmill runs and will ignore such activities

How do I check if my activities are private on Strava
Navigate to 'My Activities' in Strava.
Selecting the Private check box will filter all activities down to only those set as private. Our service will not be able to view anything on this list.

Private activities show a small black padlock next to them.

How do I disconnect from the UltraBritain service from my Strava account

This is simply a matter of navigating to My Account -> Settings -> My Apps in Strava, locating the UltraBritain app in the list of connected services and revoking permissions.

You can also disconnect from within My Account -> Personal Information in UltraBritain, or from the event page itself (click the 'connect with Strava' button to do so).

Obviously we will be unable to retrieve any data from Strava on your behalf if you do so.

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