Event Ticketing and Registration

Services and Features for Event Directors

The UltraBritain Platform has been built with the twin purposes of getting your funds paid to you as soon as possible and removing as much admin workload from you as possible in the set-up and ongoing management of your event.

We offer extremely competitive fees and do not tie you into any extended relationship with us.
There are no up-front fees; UltraBritain takes a commission on ticket sales.

What we do

UltraBritain is a Platform for listing your event, taking online registrations or ticket sales and selling your products and services.

Cutting Your Adminstration Costs

Initial Sale
UltraBritain collects entry/ticket fees to your pricing plan (for example early-bird or late-entry pricing is simple to set up)

We pay you immediately into your bank account via Stripe
No need to invoice us
No cash-flow issues while waiting for your revenue
UltraBritain takes a commission on ticket sales - you can absorb this within the headline ticket price, pass on in entirety to the customer or any percentage in between
Create and manage any number of entry codes/vouchers

UltraBritain allows customers to change their entry form information at any time (if you allow it) including handling any additional billing that may be required

People's circumstances change and processing cancellations and transfers is a headache for event organisers, especially where there is potential for unhappy customers and a payout of revenue! We aim to remove this burden form you.

UltraBritain handles refunds automatically (if you allow refunds, and to your rules)
UltraBritain allows customers to transfer their place to another person (if you allow it)
UltraBritain allows customers to sell their unwanted place on our Marketplace (if you allow it)
UltraBritain allows customers to defer their place to another event (if you allow it)
UltraBritain automatically manages waitlists to fill spare capacity

If you allow transfers or marketplace sales, the new owner still has to enter the event using your form so you don't need to manually change anything yourselves.

Track Sales
An online dashboard gives up to the minute sales and page visit data at a glance
Daily and Weekly sales reports are emailed to your inbox
Reporting against any period of time is available online at any time
Download entrant information at any time in a portable format
Define your own report with only the headings you want in the order you want them

Setting Up an Event


We do this for you by default**, although all the tools you need to do so are available on the platform built in to a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) intuitive interface.

Each event has an overview page - fully editable by you
Add a description of the event and key details and a cover image
Picture gallery
Create your own maps and upload or create your own routes
Add icons, images and annotations to your maps and make routes downloadable
Highlight key features of your event
If you're listing a run/ride/walk etc, add terrain information
Create your own confirmation/welcome email
Make changes to any setting at any time

Entry Form Designer

We'll build your entry form to your specification**
Comprehensive, intuitive design tool available to you to create and edit forms
Many standard fields pre-built (eg Address) - simply drag them into your form
Conditional flows and branches
Add additional pricing to individual answer options
Sell related resources with differing capacities/stock* through the form
Auto-Prefill key personal information to allow faster entry by your customers
Built in address-finding service to ensure fast, consistent and error-free entry
Include a shop for your products and services within the entry form
Collect charity donations within your entry form

* for example you could list a race with 100 places and sell a bus ticket to the start as an additional option where you only have a maximum of 20 seats on the bus
** for non-free events only

for advance notice of new events, offers and competitions!