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Halloween Challenge

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1st Oct 2021 - 31st Oct 2021

Escape from the most haunted town in England

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Join in any time before the 7th October
If you have entered and want to manually log your activities, log in to your UltraBritain account

    Virtual Halloween Challenge - Escape from Pluckley

    Pluckley is the most haunted village in England with by some accounts 16 different ghosts.  With Halloween approaching they are all on the prowl and your challenge is to escape to a place of refuge by the 31st October.

    Three locations are offering sanctuary - Dorking Church, 100km away, Winchester cathedral 200km distant and Wells cathedral, a challenging 330km from Pluckley.

    Unfortunately, this time the undead hordes are chasing you and these ghouls don't follow the rules - they're not waiting until the 31st.  The pacer rabbit can't help you now. 

    You will have a 7 day head start but they will chase you down and if they catch you, you will have to finish the challenge as one of them!

    They will travel at a speed that will have them knocking on the door of your chosen place of refuge by midnight on All Hallows Eve, so you will need to record miles consistently to stay out of their clutches!

    How does it work

    All walks, runs and hikes count towards your total during the entire month.  You can join in any time before the close of the 7th October and backdate any activities from the 1st of the month.

    Register your miles either manually or with Strava (a free Strava account is all you need) and we'll plot your progress on our live map.

    Changing Goal Distances

    We allow you to switch routes up until the closing date of the event on the 15th October, so if you're finding you're crushing your challenge and want to push harder, or time constraints mean you can't put in the miles you'd hoped - no problem!
    But, if you've been caught, you'll stay caught!

    To change your challenge, go to My Account -> Tickets and Entries.  Click the 'entry form' tab under the ticket for the event and make your changes to your form.

    Pacing Assistance

    Things are different this month.  You have 7 days to get away and then they will come after you, laying waste to everything in their path.  So you have chasers, not pacers!

    The map will tell you how far ahead or behind pace you are and how many km/mi per day you need to complete from that point onwards.

    If you're caught, you'll be infected and become one of the zombie horde but note that this is does not mean you have not achieved your goal - you can still complete the challenge and we'll gingerly hand you your medal at the end of a long pole.

    Find Objects

    Something else we're trying out for the first time - you can find a couple of objects while out on your activities, take a photo and upload it to this event page.  Find a suitably-halloweeny gravestone and a pumpkin and each will set the chasing horde back by a day, giving you some breathing space.

    We're using some whizzy AI technology to check your photos match the brief!

    It's not essential to find these objects to complete your challenge.


    It's important to us that we support local businesses and reduce the environmental impact of our events as far as possible.

    Complete your challenge and we'll send you a bespoke, wooden medal to commemorate your achievement.  We choose wood because we can source sustainable materials whereas a metal medal is made from base metals with no scrap resale value so these ultimately end up in landfill.

    We'll also send you a Pluckley postcard through the mail to mark your achievement, featuring some suitable creepy photos from the village.

    We're proud to partner with Trees Not Tees who plant native trees in their managed forests in Scotland to offset CO2.  If you don't want a medal posted out to you, you can exchange it for your very own tree!

    Trees Not Tees will email you a certificate of ownership, a photo of your sapling tree and even the exact location in what3words format.  You can even go and visit! This is a fantastic way of doing something positive for the environment and we'll add your tree to the event map and also to your own copse within our virtual forest.

    You will need to complete your challenge to receive a medal.  If you have opted for a tree, one will be planted for you whether or not you complete the challenge.

    Awards will be posted out around the 8th November to allow time for everyone to log their final miles.

    Logging Your Miles

    It's very simple to record miles either manually, or automatically if you use Strava.

    With Strava

    •         You need a free Strava account
    •         Below the map on this page find the orange 'connect with Strava' button
    •         Click that and you'll be taken to Strava to approve the connection
    •         That's it!

    Note that - we request read-only access to your Strava account which means that we cannot write to your page and we can only read public activities from public accounts.  Ensure your activities are recorded as one of 'hike', 'walk', 'run' or 'virtualrun'.  It may take up to an hour to collect your data from Strava and update the leaderboard.

    Logging Manually

    •         Log in to your Ultrabritain account and return to this page
    •         Above the map you will find a blue 'Your Activities' button
    •         Click that and a popup will show all activities we've recorded for you to date and let you log more
    •         Recording is simply a matter of clicking the date on a calendar and entering the distance in either km or miles

    You will have up until the 7th November to log miles accrued between the 1st and 31st of October.

    • Essential Information
    • This event can record your activities automatically via either Strava or Garmin Connect
    • Date: 1st October, 2021 to 31st October, 2021
    • Start Time: 00:00
    • Event Format
    • Virtual Event
    • Virtual Challenge of 100, 200 or 330km on foot

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