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Virtual National Trails - Thames Path

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1st Nov 2021 - 30th Nov 2021

A virtual challenge of 100, 200 or 300km to complete on foot during November, set along the Thames Path National Trail

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Join in any time before the 15th November
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    Virtual National Trails - The Thames Path

    Our latest National Trail-themed virtual event which supports the real trail with each entry.

    We're following England's most famous river as it meanders from the Cotswolds through rural counties, past Oxford, Marlow, Windsor - where we're based - and Richmond and on into the City all the way to the Thames Barrier.

    Challenge yourself to complete one of three goal distances during November by walking, hiking, running or virtual running on a treadmill whenever and wherever you like.

    Each of the three distances nominally starts from the source of the river at Kemble, Gloucestershire.

    Choose 300km if you want to match the length of the Thames to the thames Barrier which was deployed on the 21st of October for the 200th time since it was built in 1982 to protect the city from flooding.

    Choose 200km to complete your virtual journey in Windsor by the footbridge over to Eton in the shadow of the castle.

    Choose 100km to reach the historic market town of Abingdon, occupied since the Iron Age.

    How does it work

    All walks, runs and hikes count towards your total during the entire month.  You can join in any time before the close of the 15th November and backdate any activities from the 1st of the month.

    Register your miles either manually or with Strava (a free Strava account is all you need) and we'll plot your progress on our live map.


    We're switching our medals to recyclable aluminium versions this month.  Because aluminium melts at a low temperature and loses nothing in the recycling process it can be reused indefinitely.

    We'll send you one if you complete your challenge but, if you prefer, we partner with Trees Not Trees who plant trees in their native forests in Scotland to offset CO2.  You can choose a tree in place of a medal in the entry form.
    If you choose a tree, we will order one for you from Trees Not Trees irrespective of whether you complete the challenge.

    Changing Goal Distances

    We allow you to switch routes up until the closing date of the event on the 15th November, so if you're finding you're crushing your challenge and want to push harder, or time constraints mean you can't put in the miles you'd hoped - no problem!

    To do this, go to My Account -> Tickets and Entries.  Click the 'entry form' tab under the ticket for the event and make your changes to your form.

    Pacing Assistance

    We normally give you a pacing rabbit to keep you on track but this month we're going to float a paper boat down the Thames which will bob along just fast enough to reach your destination at midnight on the 30th November.  Of course it'll stick to the river rather than follow the path you're on!


    Our National Trails are priceless resources take a huge amount of maintenance, which relies on an army of volunteers and never-ending battles for scarce budgets.

    We donate £1.15 from each entry to the National Trails to help support their upkeep and make sure they are available for us and future generations.  That may sound like an odd number - but there's a £1 contribution made per entry directly, plus, as a 1% for the Planet Member, we additionally donate a minimum of 1% of our entire business revenue.

    • Essential Information
    • This event can record your activities automatically via either Strava or Garmin Connect
    • Date: 1st November, 2021 to 30th November, 2021
    • Start Time: 00:00
    • Event Format
    • Virtual Event
    • Virtual challenge with 100, 200 and 300km distances to choose from during November

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